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YowNow Virtual Social World - An early look - Vontarga

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    YowNow - Your Other World - is a social network under development by Vontarga Technologies, Inc.

    Although not our primary corporate focus, an online, real time interactive simulation built upon Unity3D has been under development for four years.

    It is now online in its first Beta release.

    This is a snapshot of the project in the very early stages of development, three years ago.

    While very primitive compared to today's online multiplayer Beta Build, it still made quite an impact.

    So much so, in fact, one of our competitors was so scared they paid several thousand dollars for a fantastically inaccurate and misleading attack video in a rather embarrassing attempt to stop our development.

    It didn't work.

    In fact, it drew attention to our projects, with people commenting that there must be something tangible in our plans if competitors were that anxious to keep us from opening.

    A total of four companies which own and operate virtual worlds joined forces to try to prevent our opening.

    Vontarga is now in 22 countries, and has generated four spin off companies.

    One in the United States focused on education science and medicine, and three in the Caribbean to handle our International operations.

    Vontarga Technologies, Inc.

    is NOT a 'virtual world company,' and never has been.

    We currently are focused on education, and providing social activities and safe Internet experiences to our primary target markets of seniors, baby boomers, families, entrepreneurs and small businesses.

    Our specialties focus on using our online real time interactive simulation technology to augment classroom teachers in public education, to provide social activities to people confined to their homes or care facilities by physical impairments or advanced age, and protecting our clients' privacy and personal data by providing and internet oasis with spy-free, ad free email and search, and many other related web services...

    all for one low price of $4.95 a month.

    Vontarga has acquired four commercial rack servers and contracted for a full rack in a data center facility in Beaverton, Oregon.

    We are installing a one gig dedicated Internet line, easily expandable as needed, and are now ordering two additional Dell R920 servers, one for $52,000 and one for $132,000.

    These will be brought online only when we are ready to open.

    We are a Class C corporation, celebrating its third birthday October 18th, 2014.

    The company is closely held, having been funded primarily by Shirley Iford, a 26-year veteran with General Electric, who is controlling owner and chair of the Board of Directors.

    To learn more about Vontarga Technologies, Inc.

    please visit our corporate website http://vontarga.com/

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